Saturday, June 27, 2009

Body armor for law abiding citizens

There are dangerous jobs out there. I know law enforcement is dangerous but so is being a bondsman, pizza deliverer, tow truck driver, convenience store clerk, etc. Protective Products International can help.
See video

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Spyderco Pkal

I made a video review of this spectacular self defense system. I am stilled thrilled with how this knife feels and snaps so easily into your hand. It is not just the Emerson inspired wave opening but the Shivworks Collaboration in the design which sets this knife apart. Watch the video on this unique design.

Friday, June 5, 2009

James Keating's Legacy of Steel.
James is a good friend and the world foremost knife instructor.
Here is a clip of one of his training sessions in Hell's Canyon.
Riddle of Steel Video

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Smith and Wesson SWMP1

Below is a review my friend Jspencereds wrote about the Smith and Wesson SWMP1. I gave him this knife to review. With his background in engineering and machining I thought he was a good choice to do this guest spot. - Charl9mm

In my opinion, this knife has a beautiful design. It is easy to hold and very quick to deploy. It even looks nice. The button release on the rear gives it extremely fast deployment and could be counted on for a very quick response if needed. The design and weight fits an average pocket without standing out as much more than an average pocket knife. However, it is far from average. With the speed of deployment and the blade design, it could be used in many defensive situations and a trained person could use this as a nice defense. The knife does have a couple of areas for improvement. The external clip is extremely stiff and could be considered hard to remove from an average pocket. In jeans it would work well, but with softer materials, the clip is quite tight. The safety is also unnecessary unless it is being sold to a very untrained or young group of people. I would also recommend shutting the blade with two hands due to the way the knife closes. It would be very easy to snap or cut your fingers if you try to hot shot it and close with one hand. I personally love it and am sure anyone who might purchase one would also! - Jspencereds

I would add to this that the Smith and Wesson SWMP1 is not technically an auto knife but "spring assisted". It avoids the technical definitions of a switch blade and is therefore is not considered as one. Be sure to check your local laws though. -Charlz9mm

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