Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Back to our roots

Women should defend themselves

             A stage of his mind
The night is dark and the shadows thick,
Deranged mind with a knife to stick,
Innocents oblivious to his night time rage,
Walk carelessly across his private stage,
A stage of his mind where we all play,
Actors in his drama or just in the way,
He lays in wait to enter unseen,
To kill himself a death-slave-queen,
Oh how he enjoys the horrible quest,
And its bloody finale with knife to the chest.
This night was different not like before,
Something felt different as he opened her door,
It was not he who made the first thrust
How dare a victim break his deep trust?
She heard him enter quietly her keep,
And pretended to be sound asleep,
As he approached he felt the dark thrill,
But, to his surprise he would make no kill,
Tonight the predator would become the meat,
Flash of steel and onto her feet.
She cut him down and right to the bone.
He lay and floor and gave out a moan.
His last thought was “this was unfair!”,
“This woman broke the rules and didn’t even care!”
© 2005 Charles Ellis
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