Friday, April 2, 2010

Custom made Nunchaku

A letter from the manufacturerl
Charles, Bill Woodall here.
Thanks for reviewing our Nunchaku. Despite what you said, you handle the Nunchaku very well. Your review is excellent. I looked at your website and see that you research all the products that you review and are very knowledgeable about them. By the way, I love the kid in the treehouse in the background popping up and down trying to see what you are doing!
To answer a question below about weight, I weighed them before sending them to you and your file says that they weigh 19 ounces (537 grams)! They are 12 inch long Verawood Nunchaku in the RTBB (Round Tapered w/ Baseball Bat end) and have a modified U-Swivel cap with 4 chain links. I say modified because the original Dolan U-Swivels (which these are reproduction of) had a 2 inch screw which ran down the middle of the top. This made the original U-Swivels prone to splitting when the Nunchaku struck something. Your closeup at the beginning showed that the brass pins which hold the caps on are going into the side of the wood about an inch from the end. This modification keeps the pins from splitting the wood. This is a recent development of Woodall's Custom Workshop and since we've been selling them (since Jan 2009) we haven't had one split the top of a Nunchaku.
Since you are reviewing military equipment I wanted to mention one thing about some of the people who get these. They like the green color because they blend in well with a camo outfit. The wax gives the surface a matte finish which minimizes reflections and repels water. Some get it with chain and practice knife disarms with it and some get it with camo Paracord for silent operation. It really depends what they are trying to accomplish. We even send to countries which ban Nunchaku because we send them with the "airport loop" connection which means that they are sticks until the user assembles it in their home. Google "airport loop Nunchaku" and our website (Woodall's Custom Workshop) will pop up. We have a section which talks about the airport loop option.
Thanks again for the great review. Keep up the great work in reviewing products that we are all interested in.
Bill Woodall
Woodall's Custom Workshop
Proudly made in the U.S.A. (in sunny Florida!)
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